26th February 2007




As planet Earth records 2006 as the warmest year on record and an environment documentary wins an Oscar the world appears to be waking up to the global climate change crisis.


Biofuels made from crops grown in Lincolnshire have a significant part to play in future energy strategies and a one-day conference to be held at the University of Lincoln this week will provide an opportunity to discuss the issue.


Following the successful ‘Launching Biofuels in Lincolnshire’ event staged at the university last year, this latest meeting on Thursday (1st March) will address some of the key issues concerning local production and use of biomass, biodiesel and bioethanol.


“Last year was the hottest on record, the UN has just delivered its most dramatic warning yet and concern about climate change is greater now than ever,” said Councillor Marianne Overton, who is co-ordinating the event on behalf of the Institute of Biology.


“Our regional plan proposes substantial new building and a population increasing of 40 per cent over 20 years and could massively increase energy consumption.


“Energy supplies that do not depend upon fossil fuels are essential to reduce carbon dioxide in the air and combat climate change. We must do everything we can to protect our planet for the future, including reducing energy use.”


Speakers from academia, industry and local and regional government will meet at Riseholme Park on Thursday to offer a range of perspectives on the science, technology and economics of biofuel production and use.


“I am very conscientious of the challenges facing our planet and the need for us to become more effective stewards of what we have inherited,” said the Bishop of Lincoln, the Right Reverend John Saxbee, who is supporting the conference.


“Lincolnshire has some of the finest soil in Europe and it could well be that this will now become a rich resource for tackling a global crisis with local solutions.”


Attendance at the conference costs £40 including refreshments and lunch and Institute of Biology members are offered a reduced price of £25.


To book a place at the conference visit www.lincoln.ac.uk/conferences or email



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