6th February 2007




New technology is making distance learning easier and easier, and the University of Lincoln is taking advantage by delivering a tourism course online in the autumn.


From September 2007 students will be able to study masters programmes in International Tourism and Hospitality and Tourism Services Management online.


The courses are currently provided in a traditional university setting at the university’s Brayford Pool campus but will soon be available anywhere in the world using the latest Blackboard virtual learning environment technology and the Internet.


“These courses are particularly valuable for industry practitioners who want to gain a personal competitive edge in their careers but who don't have the time to commit to traditional study,” said Dr Adrian Bull, principal lecturer in Tourism at the University of Lincoln.


With full online support it will be possible to study one, two or four units at a time towards the award of a postgraduate certificate, diploma or masters degree.


Despite recent problems posed by terrorism and political instability tourism continues to grow as a human activity. The World Tourism Organisation predicts that international tourist numbers will double over the next 15 years, and tourism-related activities are also accounting for an increased share of GDP in many countries.


The MSc International Tourism takes a wide view of tourism, using an intensive but generalist approach to prepare students for a wide range of professional opportunities within tourism and other related service sectors.


The MSc Hospitality and Tourism Services Management is an advanced level management-focused degree which aims to prepare students for a range of professional management opportunities within hospitality, travel and other tourism-related service sectors.


For more information about online postgraduate courses in tourism please contact Dr Adrian Bull on 01522 886177 or email abull@lincoln.ac.uk


Or visit the web page: http://www.lincoln.ac.uk/dtr/online_courses.htm


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