11th January 2007




A public debate on the docking of dogs’ tails will take place at the University of Lincoln on Tuesday 27th February.


The title of the debate is ‘This house believes that the prophylactic docking of dogs’ tails is justified on animal welfare grounds’. Confirmed proposing speakers for the debate are the Council for Docked Breeds and Vets for Docking.


Confirmed speakers on the opposing side of the debate are the RSPCA, Vets against Docking, breed associations, Dogs’ Trust and the Anti-Docking Alliance.


New legislation which restricts prophylactic tail docking in dogs comes into force in April this year. 


Claire Brown, animal behaviour, cognition and welfare specialist at the university, said: “The changes in legislation have not been welcomed by all. We hope to provide a public arena for which people from all areas of the dog world can gain a better understanding of the issues involved and have the opportunity to voice their own opinions and concerns on the future of tail docking in the UK.”


The debate will take place in the Jackson Lecture Theatre, Main Academic Building, Brayford Campus at 7.30pm.


Everyone is welcome to attend, entrance is ticket only and tickets are available by emailing lincolntaildockingdebate@yahoo.co.uk or by calling 01522 895473.



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