22nd November 2006             




Business people in Lincolnshire are being invited to an inaugural lecture at the University of Lincoln on Tuesday 28th November by experienced chairman, international speaker and Professor of Management at the University of Lincoln, Colin Coulson-Thomas.


During the lecture entitled ‘Creating a Winning Board’ Professor Coulson-Thomas will explain why some companies prosper and grow while others in similar situations stagnate or decline and what directors and boards of successful or winning companies do differently.


He will also outline the characteristics, behaviours and approaches adopted by winning boards, the mindsets that can lead to ascent or decline, and what boards need to do to provide strategic leadership.


The presentation will draw upon an investigation involving some 2,000 companies of successful and unsuccessful approaches to activities such as business development, corporate learning and the exploitation of corporate know-how.


Professor Coulson-Thomas is an experienced chairman of award-winning companies and has helped over 90 boards to improve their performance. He has written over 40 books and reports and has spoken at over 200 major conferences and corporate events in over 20 countries.


The event will be held in the Co-op Lecture Theatre in the Main Academic Building on Tuesday 28th November at 6pm. A buffet and refreshments will be served at 7.30pm. The lecture is open to members of the public and admission is free.


To book a place please contact Miss Alex Gray on 01522 83700 or email algray@lincoln.ac.uk.



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