26th September 2006


Students at the University of Lincoln’s Horticulture Unit are being given new freedom to develop their skills as a result of recent changes to the Riseholme campus.


Earlier this year plans were unveiled to reallocate the facilities which housed the Riseholme Plant Centre to the university’s Horticulture Unit in order to improve educational resources available to students.


Subsequently the Plant Centre ceased trading in May to make way for the development of the Horticulture Unit prompting concern amongst students and customers alike as to the future of horticulture at Riseholme.


However, as the Horticulture Unit Manager Michelle Cassidy confirms, the outlook for horticulture on the campus is very much rosy. “The Horticulture Unit is thriving and students are reaping the benefits from the changes.


“The additional space made available by the reallocation has allowed students much more freedom to work and develop their skills.”


As well as improved indoor facilities students are also benefiting from greater freedom to work outdoors thanks to a partnership with the ground staff at the university campus.


The partnership allows students to be involved in the upkeep of the Riseholme grounds, giving them valuable hands-on experience of a natural environment in what has been termed a ‘Green Laboratory’.


Despite the closure of the Riseholme Plant Centre, the public are not without opportunity to enjoy the handiwork of the Horticulture students. The Unit is continuing to work in partnership with Continental Landscapes and the Lincoln Big organisation to maintain city-wide floral displays.


The Horticulture Unit is responsible for hanging baskets and tiered floral planters across the city from the Bailgate down to the High Street and is soon to begin work on its winter displays.


“The floral displays offer us a great opportunity to show off our skills, while also benefiting the community as a whole,” enthused Michelle Cassidy.


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