20th June 2006




A drama student from the University of Lincoln has become the first to benefit from a new partnership between the university and East Lindsey District Council, as part of the university’s Community Volunteers Scheme.


For the next three months third-year Drama student Sara Beasley will be doing volunteer work with the community arts team at East Lindsey District Council.


The initiative has been set up by Nicki Gardner, Senior Community Arts Officer at the council, and Professor Michael Earley, Programme Leader for Drama, following a discussion during a Lincolnshire Forum Arts Meeting.


The university has a very active Community Volunteers Service which provides a link between organisations seeking volunteers and students seeking voluntary work experience.


They hold over 50 organisations on their database and hundreds of students and match up the requirements of both to provide a satisfying and successful voluntary placement.


Community Volunteer Co-ordinator Pam Thompson said: “The arts and culture administration role will provide Sara with a range of valuable opportunities for participation in the arts. She will be helping to organise two important events – the Festival of Music and Dance and the Festival of Reading, Writing and Performance.


“This valuable experience of working with internal local government departments and external agencies will provide Sara with a chance to put her academic knowledge into practice. It will also help her to expand her CV, gain an insight into the arts and secure increased skills for her professional development and employment prospects.”


Senior community Arts Officer Nikki Gardner added: “This is exactly the sort of partnership we are keen to promote. It recognises the wealth of talent that we have in this area and improves our service in producing key events for the district.”


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