5th May 2006




Students in the faculty of Art, Architecture and Design and Media and Humanities at the University of Lincoln are exhibiting their work at a series of end of year shows.


The exhibitions, produced by final year students, are open to the public and will be held at various locations around Lincoln city centre starting on 10th May with the Contemporary Decorative Crafts End of Year Show at the Sam Scorer Gallery. The rest during May are as follows:


13 - 16 May Conservation and Restoration 10.00 - 16.00 Chad Varah House

15th 18th May Contemporary Lens Media - Thomas Parker House, selected works move to the Sam Scorer Gallery on 22nd May for two weeks


15th 19th May Interactive Screen Based Graphics - Thomas Parker House


15th -25th May Advertising Art Direction - 09.30 16.30 (not weekends) Thomas Parker House


15th 25th May Graphic Design - 09.00 16.30 (not weekends)

Thomas Parker House


15th - 19th May & 22nd May Illustration - 09.00 16.30 Thomas Parker House


20th May 2nd June Fine Art - 09.00 16.00 (not Sundays) Greestone Building


22nd - 25th May Fashion - 10.00 16.00 Thomas Parker House


22nd May 2nd June Furniture - 09.00 16.30 Lincoln Castle


24th May Media Production 11.00 16.00 Cargill Lecture Theatre and MHAC. Evening show 18.30 in Jackson Lecture Theatre

For further information please visit the website http://www.lincoln.ac.uk/aad/.

For more information contact:

Kate Strawson Press Officer (01522) 886244 kstrawson@lincoln.ac.uk

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