21st March 2006




A Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln has edited a major new collection of essays on communication ethics to be published in May.


Professor Richard Keeble is the editor of ‘Communication Ethics Today’ which draws together papers from the first volume of Ethical Space: the International Journal of Communication Ethics which Professor Keeble also edits.


Alongside contributions from leading ethicists in Finland, Holland, Norway, the United States, Germany, Holland and New Zealand it carries papers by three Lincoln academics.


Professor John Tulloch, Head of the Lincoln School of Journalism, contributes a paper on the ethics of press intrusions into grief; Dr Simon Cross, a Media Studies lecturer, looks at anti-paedophile campaigning by the local press; and Richard Orange, a lecturer in Journalism, writes on the Hutton inquiry.


“The publication of this book provides more evidence of the growing international status of the Faculty of Media and Humanities at Lincoln and its research activities,” commented Professor Keeble.


In August 2005 Professor Keeble had two books published by Routledge: the fourth edition of his ‘Newspapers Handbook’ and ‘Print Journalism: A Critical Introduction’, which he edited.


He is currently co-editing a book, ‘The Literary Journalists: From Daniel Defoe to Arundhati Roy’, and writing a history of war reporting for the Open University Press.


‘Communication Ethics Today’ will be published by Troubador priced £13.99. Full details can be found at:




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