1st March 2006




Two Museum and Exhibition Design lecturers in the university’s Lincoln School of Architecture are doing their bit for the environment.


Karl Abeyasekera and Dr Geoff Matthews have compiled a study entitled ‘Sustainable Exhibit Design’ to act as a guide for designers of small scale interactive and travelling exhibits.


It is aimed at encouraging designers to consider the environmental impact of the construction, use and disposal of exhibits during the design process.


The research project arose out of a discussion with Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) about a student design brief related to a project called FLOWS which stands for Flood Plain Land Use Optimising Workable Sustainability.


LCC is one of six partners in the UK involved in the EU funded FLOWS initiative which is aimed at improving the sustainability of development in flood risk areas and raising peoples awareness of flooding


As part of the project second-year degree students in Museum & Exhibition Design were asked to come up with proposals for interactive exhibits designed to communicate ideas about flood risk and flood awareness to a variety of school, family and community audiences.


According to Dr Matthews this led them to thinking about environmental issues in general: “Given the focus of the project on sustainability it was also decided that a sustainable design approach to the exhibit would be appropriate. However no-one had ever surveyed or systematized knowledge about the sustainable design of small-scale and temporary exhibits.


“This became a legitimate supplementary project, one that would have an immediate impact on the design of the FLOWS exhibit and a longer-term value to those who commission, design, produce and operate small exhibitions.”


The publication is available as a free PDF download from the architecture research pages of the university website: http://www.lincoln.ac.uk/aad/research/groups_des_dyn.htm


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