10th March 2006




The University of Lincoln has gained recognition from an important research council for its research provision in business and education leadership.


The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has recognised the university’s research degree provision in the Faculty of Business and Law and the International Institute for Educational Leadership (IIEL).


ESRC recognition means that the university will be able to hold ESRC-funded studentships for postgraduate research in those areas from 2006/07 until 2009/10.


“This represents a tremendous step forward for the university in terms of recognition for our postgraduate research provision in two key areas,” said Professor Mike Saks, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Affairs.


“Such research council recognition is usually the preserve of more traditional, research-intensive universities. It is therefore a significant sign of the research development of the university and the rising profiles of the Faculty of Business and Law and the IIEL in their subject areas.


“It also testifies to the ever greater robustness of our research degree procedures and support structures for research students which have led to substantial completion rates in the areas concerned.”


The news of the university’s success in ESRC recognition comes at a time when a very important submission has just been made by the university for the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Special Review of Postgraduate Research Degree Programmes. 


“It is a major boost to our postgraduate research standing which has recently been enhanced by a range of measures, from the reform of university and faculty research degree arrangements and the issuing of a new Research Degrees Handbook to the development of a generic skills training programme for postgraduate researchers,” said Professor Saks.


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