27th January 2006




The excitement and glamour of the USA’s most popular spectator sport is coming to Lincoln this weekend when the university hosts its first ever American football match.


The Lincoln Colonials will take on the University of Sheffield Sabres at Yarborough Leisure Centre on Sunday. The match, scheduled to kick off at 1pm, is the Colonials first ever fixture since their inception at the end of 2003.


What started off as a group of friends playing for fun has now become one of the university’s largest societies thanks to countless fundraisers and support from sponsors and fellow American footballers the East Midlands Saxons.


The Colonials’ numbers have swollen, with over fifty players now training on a regular basis every Wednesday.


While the whole Lincoln team is eager for their first taste of Gridiron action two members have been waiting longer than most. Offensive Captain and Guard Harry Clayson and Line Backer Gary Capindale are the only remaining founder members from the Colonials ‘throw-around’ days. 


“We’ve been looking forward to this day for some time”, confirms Clayson. “Sunday just cannot come soon enough for us now.”


Sunday’s match may be a friendly, but its overall significance is far wider as it moves the Colonials a step closer to being permitted into the British Collegiate American Football League.


If the Colonials successfully stage two fixtures they will be eligible to join the league and compete regularly against other university teams from across the Midlands.


Having enlisted the University of Lincoln Jets cheerleading squad to the sidelines, the Colonials will not be short of support against the Sabres on Sunday. However, whatever the result, the match will represent a huge step forward in the Colonials continual development.


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