9th November 2005




The University of Lincoln will play host next week to an important Home Office meeting on ‘active citizenship’.


Lincolnshire is one of seven pilot ‘hubs’ designated by the Home Office to build sustainable opportunities for active learning for active citizenship across the voluntary and community sector in England.


The university is closely involved with the Home Office’s ‘Active Learning for Active Citizenship’ (ALAC) programme and is to host the latest meeting on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th November.


As one of the cornerstones of the Home Office ‘Together We Can’ programme, ALAC aims to strength democracy and to learn how and why learning active citizenship can make a difference to individuals and communities.


The Lincolnshire hub is led by the Lincolnshire Citizenship Network at the university’s Community Operational Research Unit (CORU) and has been working to promote social inclusion, enabling voluntary organization and community groups to take an active, reflective and critical role in their communities.


Among other groups it has been working with the Voluntary Organisation and Community Action in Lincolnshire (VOCAL) to identify community expectations and how to improve quality of life through networking activities.


The meeting next week will reflect on the value that ALAC is adding to education and community engagement in the communities contributing to the seven hubs.


“It is an opportunity to consider the diversity of approaches, emphasising key experiences and the long-term implications of ALAC’s work,” said Professor Marjorie Mayo, part of the programme’s evaluation team.


The Home Office defines ‘active citizenship’ as citizens taking opportunities to become actively involved in defining and tackling the problems of their communities and improving their quality of life.


You can find out more about the Home Office’s ‘Active Learning for Active Citizenship’ programme by visiting www.active-citizen.org.uk, and on the Together We Can campaign on www.togetherwecan.info


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