29th June 2005




Researchers at the University of Lincoln are on the look-out for well behaved dogs to take part in a new study into dogs and human commands.


They hope that their eight-week study will provide explanations about the way dogs learn commands and will add further to our understanding of the mind of man’s best friend.


The study will require dog owners to drop off their pet at Riseholme Park for the day on three occasions at most over the next month.


Suitable dogs must ideally be able to reliably sit and fetch on command, but the group will consider any well behaved pet.


“We hope that as a result of this work we will be get a better understanding of what dog’s really attend to when they are learning,” said Dr Emily Levine, who is co-ordinating the study.


“Pilot studies have already been undertaken, but now we need the public’s help to test the methods in the real world.”


The study complements a separate investigation by Dr Daniela Ramos into the ability of dogs to understand multiple commands or short sentences.


Any owners who think that their dog matches the criteria and would like to participate in the study should contact Dr Levine at the University of Lincoln on 01522 895453 or email elevine@lincoln.ac.uk



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