11th May 2005




Seventeen exiled journalists from across the world are taking part in a two-day course at the University of Lincoln to introduce them to the British media.


The course for exiled journalists from post-conflict countries is being run by the Lincoln School of Journalism and Minerva Productions and is the first of its kind in the UK.


The group is taking part in workshops and seminars covering the full spectrum of life in the British media, job opportunities and how to place their skills in the UK media context.


“This is a joint venture with MediaWise who run the UK exiled journalists network,” said Kay Marriott, Business Development Manager for the Faculty of Media and Humanities.


“The main emphasis is on sharing our expertise and experience while learning about what are the barriers within the industry.”


The course, which is being led by University of Lincoln academics Professor John Tulloch and Richard Orange, began yesterday (Tuesday) and ends today at 6.30pm.


- - - -


Note to news editors: reporters are welcome to visit the university this afternoon for interviews though the journalists have requested that no photographs be taken which could identify them.


For more information or to arrange a visit contact:

Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

01522 886042                         jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk

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