26th April 2005




Budding marketing gurus at the University of Lincoln have been passing on some tips to pupils and staff at a Lincoln junior school.


Four final-year Marketing students have been working on a promotional campaign for

St Faith and St Martin Junior School on Hampton Street in the West End to raise the school’s profile and increase enrolments.


The students worked with pupils to plan a market research project and produced a campaign featuring a web page, a new leaflet, an analysis of open days and other forms of direct promotion to entice parents to come and see the excellent facilities.


“We are really pleased to be able to create another positive link between our community and the university students,” said Vivienne Hall, headteacher at St Faith and St Martin Junior School.


“Already our pupils work together with students on a radio club and football coaching and students recently took part in an interesting arts project.


“We think it’s important to work together with students from the university and our pupils have certainly benefited from the project.”


Student Danielle Meredith said: “We are still waiting to see the results of our project in terms of enrolments but it has been a great success in creating awareness of the different marketing possibilities open to a school on a limited budget.”


“We were given a fantastic opportunity to work with a live client and gain first-hand experience of the world of work after graduation.”


Nick Taylor, principal lecturer in Marketing at the university, added: “I have been delighted with the way the students have worked with the school to quickly understand the problems and arrive at a number of possible solutions.”


The other students involved were Claire Wright, Rachael Morris and Susie Parker.


The students will be at the school for a photo opportunity at 10am on Thursday 28th April 2005. Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend.


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