15th September 2004




Have you ever wondered why your cat is so overweight or fights in the garden? A new expert at the University of Lincoln could have the answer to your questions.


An animal behaviourist who specialises in cat behaviour is among the new staff teaching at the university this semester.


Dr Emily Levine BSc DVM has recently completed a residency in animal behaviour at Cornell University in New York and is eligible to sit the board examination for the American College of Veterinary Behaviourists.


While at Cornell, Dr Levine’s responsibilities included the general running of the animal behaviour clinic, teaching veterinary students and conducting research projects, most of which primarily focused on cats.


Her research topics included inter-cat aggression in households, the effects of diet testing on obese cats and investigating the frequency of cage frustration in shelter cats.


Dr Levine also enjoys working with cats and dogs with behavioural issues, and has a strong interest in birds and other exotic animals with behavioural problems.


“I am very honoured and excited to be at the University of Lincoln,” said Dr Levine.


“I look forward to becoming a contributing member to the Lincolnshire community and am eager to start meeting and helping those people that have pets with behavioural problems.”



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