7th September 2004




A bad accident and a broken hip have not stopped one determined student from winning the Dean’s prize and gaining a first-class degree at the University of Lincoln.


Joanna Blackburn from Ackworth, West Yorkshire, was badly injured when she was knocked off her bicycle last summer and has been battling to complete her degree ever since.


Although in pain, Joanna (21), a marathon runner, did not realise that her hip was fractured after the accident and continued her training. It was during a road race in October that her hip finally broke.


“The hospital actually told me that I had torn a muscle and that I should walk on it as much as possible,” said Joanna. “By this time I had started the final year of my Psychology degree. I attended the lectures for a further five weeks but the pain got so unbearable that I went back to the hospital again.”


After x-raying Joanna’s hip the hospital found that it was broken and carried out an emergency dynamic hip screw operation.


“After the operation I had to live and study at home,” explained Joanna.  “My mum recorded lectures for me so I wouldn’t miss too much and she took me into university every two weeks so I could see the tutors.


“After everything that has happened I was really surprised to get a first and even more surprised to be awarded the Dean’s prize for best psychology student.”


It has now been nine months since the operation and Joanna is still using two sticks to walk and has just been told that she must have a hip replacement operation at the end of this month.


Joanna will graduate with other students from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences on Wednesday morning 15th September at 11.30am.


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