10th August 2004





A university learning adviser from Hull who is spending the summer doing voluntary TV work in India has extended his stay for six weeks.


Stuart Porteous (26), a learning advisor at the Hull School of Media Technologies, left for a six-week work placement in Bangalore at the beginning of July.


Now hes been given leave to stay until the end of September in order to complete a TV production project for the Parikrma Humanity Foundation.


Stuart begin his stay at Bangalore Television, where he did some video editing before going to work for the development communications organisation Voices.


I updated their websites and assisted in their radio production course for visually challenge students, said Stuart. 


I also spent some time teaching interview techniques in an analogue and a digital studio. 


Now Ive started producing a promotional video for Parikrma Im involved with script-writing, locations, interviews, post-production and so on.


The deadline for the project is the end of September but my stay was scheduled to end on 13th August, so Im staying longer to get my teeth into the project rather than leaving just as it's just getting off the ground.


Stuart, who lectures in photography, video principles and multimedia production at the university, has received financial support for the trip from his employers.


Stephen Shipley, Head of the Hull School of Media Technologies, says the placement will be of benefit both to Stuart and to the students in the school.


We have given Stuart permission to extend his stay for a few more weeks to see out his current project as we feel the trip is of general benefit and an excellent staff development opportunity, he said.


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