18th August 2004




PR experts will meet in Lincoln next year to discuss how to encourage links between industry and academia.


For the first time the Institute of Public Relations (IPR) will hold its bi-annual academic research conference at the University of Lincoln, where a degree in Public Relations has been taught since 2000.


The conference, whose theme will be ‘New thinking in public relations research and practice – partnering academia with industry’, will take place at the Brayford Pool campus on 21st and 22nd March 2005.

The IPR academic research conference will explore new domains and fields in public relations research and show the extent to which the body of knowledge in public relations has expanded.

It is designed to assist existing and aspiring researchers to share and develop ideas they may have in any area of public relations and communication management.

”The aim of the conference is to demonstrate that the academic world and industry are forging stronger working relationships through applied research,” said Frank Davies, course leader for Public Relations at the university.


“Public relations is a practical business activity and practice-based research not only adds value to academic understanding of PR but also provides findings of practical value to business.


“Industry in turn, is involved in research which requires theoretical support from academia.”

Mr Davies added that the IPR’s decision to stage its conference at Lincoln is an honour that marks Lincoln’s role as a centre for public relations in the east midlands.


“Effective public relations are essential for organisations in all economic sectors and should play a vital part in the economic regeneration of the east midlands,” said Mr Davies.


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