16th July 2004




Carers in Hull will feel less isolated when a new web site goes live later this year.


The Carers’ Centre in Prospect Street - which provides advice and support for the city’s 22,000 unpaid carers – has enlisted the help of a computing student from the University of Lincoln to set up the new site.


Samantha Bruin (24), who studies Computing and Internet Systems at George Street, is building the web site for her final-year dissertation.


The Carers’ Centre in Prospect Street approached the university for help with a pilot scheme it is running with ten carers.


Hull Social Services have provided the carers with computers to combat the isolation felt by those who spend long hours caring for friends or relatives with disabilities.


The new web site will provide carers with helpful information and will eventually feature a chat room and advice on local services, shopping and links to prescription services.


 “When the Carers’ Centre is closed many of these carers are completely cut off from society with no way of getting out, meeting people and doing all the things they need to do,” said Samantha.


“They’ve often got no other means of contacting each other or accessing services if they’re looking after someone 24/7.


Samantha began the project in June and hopes to get a skeleton web site up and running by September with the chat room and online services to follow later on.


Eddie Lewis from the Carers’ Centre in Hull commented: “We’ve worked with Sam at every stage of the project –  she’s got good ideas and concepts and she’s getting a good response from carers about what they wish to see on the web site.


“Even after she’s finished her degree at the university the web site will continue to grow and Sam will have been instrumental in starting it up.”


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