29th June 2004




A mature student from the Hull School of Art and Design is helping the city council and the police to educate youngsters on the dangers of drink driving.


Simon Marsh (39), who is due to graduate with first-class honours in Interactive Multimedia this September, has produced a unique interactive DVD which will act as an educational tool for youngsters in the community.


The DVD entitled ‘Know Your Limits’ tells the story of a group of friends out drinking. Viewers have to make decisions throughout the film and the story changes depending on the choices made.


The project is a collaboration between Hull City Council, Humberside Police and the University of Lincoln.


Parts of Ferensway in Hull were closed off during filming of the DVD to allow TV and Film Design students from the university to shoot realistic crash scenes involving an overturned car and injury victims.


Also involved in the filming were Humberside Fire Brigade, East Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the Red Cross. 


“The main purpose of the DVD is to convey a message,” said Simon.  “While we were filming you could see from the reactions of passers by that this had already worked. If just one person gets the message that drink driving is wrong then the DVD has worked.”


Police Casualty Reduction Officer PC Andy Walker said: “The DVD will be used in schools and colleges to encourage the next generation of drivers to take a more responsible attitude to drinking and driving.”


The DVD will be demonstrated at a launch at 10am on Wednesday 30th June in Room 12 at the Derek Crothall Building, George Street, Hull.


Interactive Multimedia is a ground-breaking new media course covering a range of disciplines including interactive television.


For more information contact:

Lindsey Bird, Assistant Press Officer

01522 886625                                   lbird@lincoln.ac.uk