29th June 2004




Your A-levels are out of the way and a new life at university is on the horizon. But the choices and decisions that lie ahead can be daunting. Where do you start making plans for that first term away from home?


Darius Laws, President of the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Co-operative can give you a few pointers…


A Place to Live


Now that you’ve got yourself on a university course, the next step is finding somewhere to stay when you get there. Most universities will guarantee that all first-year students have somewhere suitable to live, in halls of residence, university-owned accommodation or university-approved accommodation.


The university’s residential services department works to ensure that new students are able to find accommodation. Most universities are able to cater for many of their  first-year students on campus and the University of Lincoln is no exception. There are several purpose built halls of residence located within walking distance from the university’s campuses.  Most of these halls are self-catered and features kitchens shared by six to eight people - and some even have en suite bathrooms!


For those students who don’t wish to live in halls-style accommodation both Lincoln and Hull have a large number of privately available student houses.  Most landlords sign up to the university’s code of conduct so be sure to find out if the house that you might look at meets the standards.  There is a large supply of large Victorian town houses in both cities, but as with everything in life the quicker you get shopping the better the bargains you will find.


When living in halls of residence you can expect your gas, electricity and water bills to be inclusive within the price you pay. Living in private rented accommodation can be the same but mostly people prefer to opt for the ‘exclusive of bills’ option.  Once you have found the pad for want be sure to read the contract and understand what you expect from your landlord and what your landlord expects from you.


Student Life


University life is one that suits almost everyone, especially those of you who can’t wait to leave the parental nest and live totally independently. University life isn’t just about your academic course; it also offers exciting new leisure and social opportunities. The best way to look at it is that you will be working hard but playing hard too.


The Students’ Union will organise a fair amount of the entertainment in and around the university, and the newly created Athletic Unionat Lincoln offers students the chance to represent the university in various competitive sports events.  In addition to sport there is a range of societies which welcome new members. The Students’ Union is run by former and current students so it can often be a valuable point of contact should you need any help, advice or support throughout your university career.


Even though you come to university to learn, other valuable information can be learned outside the lecture rooms. Get involved, participate in all activities and above all make loads of new friends. Enjoy yourself, good luck at university, and remember that there is always someone to help you should you get into a sticky situation - all you have to do is ask!



Darius Laws


University of Lincoln Students’ Union Co-operative



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