29th June 2004





Clearing is not just for people whose A-level results are a disappointment.


All sorts of students find university courses through Clearing, including those whose  grades are better than they had expected.


When Sophia Hunt opened her A-level results four years ago her grades came as a pleasant surprise.


She had been predicted grades B, C and D in Psychology, Sports Studies and Biology but she actually achieved grades B, A and C.


Sophia (22), from Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, had intended to study Equine Science at the University of Lincoln but her better-than-expected grades allowed her to rethink her choices.


“I really wanted to study human health rather than restrict myself to horses so I started looking in the newspaper for different courses,” says Sophia.


“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to help and work with people. Through Clearing I got a place on the University of Lincoln’s Health Studies course which covered many different areas, so it’s given me a lot of career options.”


After graduating Sophie got a job in the university’s Community Volunteers department. Now she is employed as a Widening Participation Officer in the university’s Marketing Department, working with schools and pupils to raise aspirations and to encourage youngsters to consider a university education.


“This job has followed on nicely from my degree because much of my course focused on social deprivation and social exclusion,” she says.


“I’m glad I opted for a different course because it’s opened up a new career path for me and I’ve enjoyed both my jobs at the university much more than I thought I would.


“If you’ve done better in your exams than you expected I’d recommend looking closely at what’s out there before you make a decision. Look carefully at what the course involves and think hard about whether or not it’s really for you.”


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