4th June 2004




Anders Nereim, architect and associate professor in the Department of Architecture at Art Institute of Chicago, will be visiting the University’s Lincoln School of Architecture on Thursday 10th June.


As part of his visit, Professor Nereim will deliver a public lecture entitled ‘Smart curtains and restless lights - interior design meets embedded control’.


The lecture will take place in the Lincoln School of Architecture Building at the Brayford Campus from 2.30pm until 3.30pm in Lecture Theatre 2.  The lecture is open to university staff, students and members of the public and is free of charge. 


Anders Nereim originally trained in psychology.  His architectural practice has been in architecture and interior design. His interest is sentient architecture achieved through designing autonomous responsive building components - architectural robotics.  Past projects include the, so-called, Nervous Wall System, and a Shadow Seeking Light.


For further information contact Jane Bird, Lincoln School of Architecture on (01522) 837171.



Additional information


"Smart curtains and restless lights - interior design meets embedded control."


Small-embedded sensors and control devices adapted from aviation and automotive design are starting to appear in interior spaces, automating certain qualities and effects. The 50-year-old notion of a single CPU "brain" controlling the house is giving way to an ecology of smaller devices that are loosely networked in a kind of colony similar to a coral reef.


These miniature chips, sensors, and actuators are normally autonomous and almost independent, until they need an over-ride. This is similar to the way we consciously take a deep breath before diving into a pool, after giving no conscious thought to breathing while climbing up on the diving board.

This leads to the notion of a slow, relatively dependable and predictable building, which adapts to its environment and inhabitants without the spectre of total computerized control.


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