4th June 2004




Artwork by staff at the University of Lincoln has been selected for an exhibition in Iran.


Laya Rastkhiz, curator and former Lincoln School of Art and Design student, invited two technicians to provide artwork to be displayed at the opening of a new gallery in Shiraz.


Alison Read (38) senior technician in Print Making and Sarah Wesley (34) senior technician in Fine Art, both teaching staff at the school, were delighted to have their work displayed at the exhibition and were disappointed that they were not able to attend in person.


The contemporary work included animal and landscape-based images presented by Alison and photographs of semi-nude women by Sarah.


“The photos only showed the women naked from just below the shoulders,” said Sarah “but their culture very different from ours and I’m sure some of the work was quite controversial but both mine and Alison’s work was very well received and we both sold a number of pieces.”


In November last year, Laya returned to Iran with the display material but communication was lost until she arrived back in Lincoln recently with various promotional items from the opening. These included gallery opening night invitations, a poster, a CD-Rom of the exhibition and a copy of an Iranian national newspaper with a lead article about the gallery mentioning Sarah and Alison’s work.


“Not hearing from Laya was really worrying because we were concerned for her safety following the earthquake,” said Alison. “It was such a surprise when she turned up here with all the information about the success of the exhibition.


“We really didn’t know what to expect. It was great.


“We are hoping that this will lead to a new exchange programme with Iran for artwork.  We have a great gallery here in the Greestone Building and it would be wonderful to return the favour and exhibit some Iranian work.”


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