10th February 2004




The University of Lincoln continues to show its commitment to cultural life in the community with the launch of the Lincoln Academy.


The Lincoln Academy is the university’s umbrella under which events of the highest profile and significance are offered to the public.


This spring the Lincoln Academy features three inaugural lectures by the new Professor of Biological Chemistry, the Director of the new Institute of Medical Sciences and the Professor of Law.


Also on the agenda are three concerts in the renowned International Concert Series.  With the likes of Imogen Cooper, one of the world’s most respected pianists, and artistic director Graham Oppenheimer the concert series has already proved a huge success.


The university is looking forward to presenting a wide programme of events that will be open to everyone.


“Universities are traditionally thought of as ivory towers but a new university like Lincoln has a crucial role to play in the economic and cultural life of the community,” said Brian Winston, Dean of the Faculty of Media and Humanities and secretary of the Lincoln Academy.


“The Lincoln Academy exists as a vehicle by which the university can enrich the county’s artistic and intellectual environment with series of lectures, film shows, concerts and dramatic events.


“The academy not only showcases the wide variety of international and creative work going on within its walls, it will also bring visitors of international and national repute to the campuses.”


A Lincoln Academy brochure which details forthcoming events is available from the university.


For more information contact Faith Cobaine on 01522 886626 or email fcobaine@lincoln.ac.uk

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