2nd December 2003




The latest TV advertisements promoting the Playstation 2 computer game system were created by a recent graduate from the University of Lincoln.


Erica Akerlund (26) graduated last year with a degree in Illustration from the Lincoln School of Art & Design.


Eighteen months on she’s working in London for Oscar-winning film company Passion Pictures where she designed the new series of six animated ads for Playstation 2.


“Passion Pictures contacted me after seeing my work at a graduate show in London,” said Erica, who comes from Karleby in Finland. “A year later they offered me a job designing the new Playstation campaign - the client had seen my book and really liked it.”


As character designer and co-director Erica has been closely involved in creating the ads. “My job was to design the characters completely in my own style,” she explained. “I got to do all the fun stuff and didn’t have to animate. What I didn’t know was that I’d also be meeting actors, selecting voice-overs and choosing sound effects, which is all great fun.”


Erica says her degree course at Lincoln was the ideal entry into the world of commercial illustration.


“A three-year course at university is perfect if you want to do illustration,” she says. “There’s enough time to learn the necessary stuff that can be taught, and the rest will come later when you’re working.


“In the first two years you have time to experiment and find your own thing and in your final year you can really polish up your style.”


And Erica’s advice for would-be illustrators? “You should never go for a trendy style or a house style of illustrating; do exactly your own thing or you won’t get far. Individuality works so much better than trying to do what people expect.”


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