28th October 2003





Two energetic marketeers from the University of Lincoln will be going on the trekking trip of a lifetime next summer to raise money for cancer research.


Jacqueline Mayer (32) and Karen Raynes (33) have volunteered to take part in Ultimate Challenge 2004 Trek Peru, a five-day trek along the ancient Inca Trail.


Their journey alongside the Urabamba River through the Sacred Valley will end with a spectacular descent to Machu Picchu, the ‘Lost City of the Incas’.


But before they can embark on their never-to-be-forgotten trip the two women have to raise £6,000 for Cancer Research UK.


“Both of us know many friends and family members whose lives have been touched by cancer, which is one reason for wanting to complete this challenge,” said Karen, who is the marketing officer for Business & Management and Social Sciences & Law at the university.


“Those who know us know that we don’t do things by halves, and it is that determination which we know will help us to raise the money and achieve our goal.”


The pair have a wide range of fund-raising events lined up, from a charity quiz, a race night, a raffle and a car boot sale to bag-packing at local supermarkets.


And Jacqueline, who is the university’s education liaison manager, plans to do a parachute jump with Karen’s brother Mark to boost the fund.


“A challenge like this gives you something to focus on,” said Jacqueline. “We’ve got to work hard to achieve our goal – not only have we got to get ourselves fit but we’ve also got to raise a lot of money before we can go.


“We’d be delighted if any local businesses or organisations could give us their support, either through sponsorship or by providing prizes for our raffle.”


Trek Peru, from 24th September to 5th October 2004, involves trekking 55km through challenging terrain for six to eight hours a day over eight days at altitudes of up to 4,200m.


If you would like to sponsor Jacqueline and Karen or otherwise offer them your support, contact Karen on Lincoln 886399 or email kraynes@lincoln.ac.uk


For more information about the trek visit:





Go to picture – Karen Raynes (left) and Jacqueline Mayer put their heads together to come up with good fund-raising ideas


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