23rd October 2003




Businesses in Lincolnshire could use satellite images from space to improve their performance, according to an expert at the University of Lincoln.


Professor Graeme Wilkinson, Dean of Applied Computing Sciences at Lincoln, has been researching satellite surveillance techniques for over 20 years.


He will be at a meeting of space scientists at NASA next week to present his latest findings on satellite surveillance.


And he’s aiming to encourage farmers and other business people in the county to open their eyes to the potential uses of environmental monitoring from space.


“People may be unaware of the fact, but Lincoln really is part of the space business, and we have the know-how and the understanding of satellite surveillance technology right here in the university,” he said.


“These days there are significant numbers of satellites in orbit providing us with a huge variety of information about our locality. I’m absolutely certain that businesses in Lincolnshire can make use of this technology, for example in ‘smart’ farming.


“We are already building up our research team in Lincoln and hope to be able to bring some of the potential of satellite surveillance technology to businesses in the county.” 


Professor Wilkinson will talk about techniques for using satellite photos to make maps of landscapes at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center near Washington DC on Monday and Tuesday next week (27 and 28th October).


“Despite significant recent advances in satellite imaging technology, maps generated by interpreting the photos still need improvement,” he said.


“I will be telling my colleagues that while we are now getting impressive results, we still need to do more research on some of the methods we use in enhancing and exploiting pictures taken from space.”


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