5th August 2003





The woman who gave the first ever lecture at the new university campus in Lincoln has retired.


Professor Angela Thody was deputy director of the International Institute for Education Leadership at the University of Lincoln and gave a lecture in the new academic building even before it was officially opened by the Queen in 1996.


She retired at the end of July after an extensive career in education. She has studied the management of school support staff, school governors and local education authorities in England, Australia and New Zealand and has also studied the 19th-century history of education leadership.


“The first students enrolled on the very first course ever taught at the new university campus on Brayford Pool in August 1996,” recalls Professor Thody.


“That pioneering group of doctoral students rattled around our empty atrium area with my kettle, plastic cups and DIY coffee. It was early days, but the university was ready even then for the highest level of academic work.


“I arrived with my car laden with books and teaching materials to be told I could not park near the door for fear I should drop oil on the paving slabs before the Queen visited us. So my colleagues and I staggered across with the heavy boxes!”


Since then 30 doctors have graduated from the doctoral programme in education leadership that began that year and the Brayford Pool campus has grown from 500 to over 4,000 students.


Professor Thody intends to maintain her links with the university in her retirement as she will be writing research books while watching the university’s growth with interest from the sidelines.  


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