2nd August 2001




Students at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside are hoping that their radio station will be a permanent fixture on the airwaves next year.


Siren FM has applied for one of the government’s pilot community radio licences which will allow it to broadcast 365 days a year in 2002.


And to help prepare for the challenges ahead the station has appointed its first full-time station manager. Former student Emma Carrick (21), who graduated from the university this summer with a degree in Journalism, will be station manager initially for four months to oversee the station’s next spell on the air.


Siren FM will broadcast for three weeks from 17th September until 7th October 2001 to mark both Freshers’ Week and the re-launch of the new University of Lincoln.


“It’s very exciting  to be here,” said Emma, who is originally from Keighley. “It’s going to be a big challenge and one that I’m very much looking forward to.


“If we do get one of the new licences we’ll start broadcasting on 1st January 2002, and it will require a great deal of hard work and commitment from a lot of people.


“The station would establish strong links with the local community  and would be a resource for people who have never worked in radio before,” Emma explained. “Siren would be a staging post for people who could make programmes for broadcast and then hopefully go on to do other things in the media.”


Emma was one of the first students to graduate in Journalism from ULH. She was station manager for Siren FM when it broadcast in May this year has also worked at BBC Radio Leeds and in the press office at Yorkshire Television.


Siren FM (Scholars in Radio Entertainment) was originally launched at Humberside University in 1995 and moved south in 1998 to establish itself in new facilities at the Lincoln campus of ULH.


ULH is due to be relaunched as the University of Lincoln in early October.


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