17th April 2003




Max Clifford, the UK’s best-known publicist, has taken time out of his busy schedule to help one University of Lincoln student with her dissertation.


Public Relations and Tourism student Lisa Hilton decided to contact Mr Clifford as part of her dissertation entitled Managing Celebrity Reputation.


Lisa’s project looks at the many and varied PR strategies for launching new celebrities, managing established names, re-launching fading stars and measuring PR success. 


“There is very little written about celebrity PR so I chose that subject for my dissertation,” said Lisa.


Lisa’s questions to Max Clifford covered everything from launching a new celebrity to handling bad publicity such as that experienced by Angus Deaton and Michael Barrymore.


“I like the way Max Clifford deals with celebrities so I decided to ask him how he approaches the different celebrity PR cases,” she said.


“When I dialled his number I didn’t really expect him to speak to me, so I was really surprised when he spent over half an hour answering all my questions.


“He was really friendly and gave me some very useful advice and information.”


Lisa (21) of Linacre Way, Darlington will now spend time collating the information gathered from Mr Clifford and other PR consultants and link their comments with the few published case studies available.


“It takes courage for a student to approach someone with Max Clifford’s reputation,” said Sara Chadd, senior lecturer in Public Relations at the university.  “Sometimes you need a little extra of that certain something called nous or guts to boldly go where the timid fear to tread.


“To recognise the extra courage exercised by students such as Lisa I am currently seeking sponsorship for a proposed special prize amongst organisations known for their expert manoeuvres.”


Max Clifford has been handling PR for the celebrities for over 30 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the world.  His clients have included names such as The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix and Mohammad Ali.



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