27th January 2003




The gay rights activist Peter Tatchell will visit Lincoln next month to lecture to students at the university.


Mr Tatchell will speak to first-year Criminology students on Monday 10th February about discrimination in sexual offences laws and social harms.


The controversial protester has been involved in more than 1,000 demonstrations in the 32 years since he arrived in the UK from Australia at the age of 19.


He stood as a Labour candidate in the 1983 Bermondsey by-election but was attacked by political allies as well as by enemies and lost the previously safe seat by 10,000 votes.


He and his friends formed OutRage! in May 1990 in reaction to the murder of Michael Boothe. Direct action by the group has included ‘outing’ allegedly homosexual bishops, gay weddings and crucifixions and the exorcism of the ‘demon’ of homophobia outside Lambeth Palace.


His first lecture will be given at 12 noon in the Co-op Lecture Theatre on campus to first-year Criminology students following the course unit on ‘Policing Crime’.


“It is a unit designed to deconstruct notions of crime and policing which tries to get the students to see that human behaviour is controlled by a whole host of methods - not just criminal law,” said a university spokesman.


“It asks questions about how and why certain activities come to be designated ‘criminal’ - and the appropriateness and legitimacy of such a strategy. To this end, a lecture on discrimination in sexual offences laws past and present is ideal.”

The second lecture will be given at 2pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre to final-year students following a unit on ‘Harm, Agency and Regulation’ which raises questions about social harms, different strategies for regulating them, the problems that arise from regulation and the implications such regulation has for notions of justice.


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