25th October 2002





Pupils from across the country ‘survived’ a day of recreation at the University of Lincoln’s Riseholme Park this week when they sampled a typical day in the life of a leisure and recreation student.


Over 120 year 11 and 12 pupils took part in the leisure and recreation day at the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture on Wednesday.  The day - organised by staff and students from the Department of Tourism and Recreation – was designed to give the pupils a taste of life on a degree programme at university.


Participating in activities such as abseiling, canoeing, rafting, orienteering and golfing, the students experienced just some of the aspects included in the programmes on offer at the university.


“The idea was to expose the pupils to the university on a working day so they could experience what it would be like to attend,” said Howie Wilson, principal lecturer in tourism and recreation.


“They were allowed to choose five adventure activities from a selection of ten and certainly had a great time trying them. 


“Our current leisure and recreation students joined them throughout the day so they had plenty of opportunity to find out at first hand about the degree courses and university life.


“There was a more serious side to the day and the pupils took part in exercises to enhance communications skills and various problem-solving and teambuilding activities.”


For further information about these activity days or courses please contact Howie Wilson on 01522 895307.




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