22nd October 2002




Pupils from a Hull comprehensive school have been getting a taste of broadcast journalism at the University of Lincoln’s Cottingham Road Campus.


As part of the Excellence in the Cities week, fifteen year-10 pupils from the Isaac Newton School in Hull joined staff and students from the university to learn how to conduct interviews and make their own video about university life.


The group project was to produce a short documentary video called ‘A Young Person’s Guide to University’.


The teenagers learned techniques for interviewing subjects on film, presenting material, setting up shots, filming and editing.  Each pupil had specific roles  - presenters, camera operators, sound directors, floor managers and producers - as they worked in groups to film various staff, students and university locations.


The pupils’ experience was arranged by John Knowles, widening participation co-ordinator at the university, as part of the government’s Excellence in the Cities project which aims to encourage pupils to continue studying post-16 education in Hull. The Excellence in the Cities scheme is now in its third year with £10m invested so far. 


“This is a great opportunity for the pupils to find out about university life,” said Mr Knowles. “The pupils asked the questions which would provide the answers both they and their school friends would want to know about university.


“Each group filmed a separate part of university life and then moved into the TV studio to edit the individual films into a single documentary.”


When asked what they expected the day to be like, one pupil said, “I never expected it to be like this, full of excitement and quite stressful.”


Asked if they would now be interested in attending university, the pupils seemed more positive about the possibility.  One young man said, “I wasn’t planning to go to uni, but I have been talking to a few people here and they have shown me a really good side to it.”


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