14th August 2002




A Hull sculptor has undertaken a commission to provide a centrepiece for a 19th century college in Berkshire.


Alan Micklethwaite (39) - an MPhil Sculpture student at the University of Lincoln in Hull - was approached by Wellington College after they heard about the work which he had carried out on the west front of Lincoln Cathedral.


The college – named after the Great Duke and granted its Royal Charter in 1853 – is currently investing many thousands of pounds in the refurbishment of its quadrangle. 


The sculpture will take the form of a 7.5m diameter tree planter made from French limestone specially imported from southern France.  The planter will comprise four large segments which will alternate between sculpted areas and carved seats with a 5m centre hole for the trees and shrubs.


“It is a wonderful place to work with a great deal of history,” said Alan. “I designed the whole piece as the part of the practice leg of my MPhil and I think the design is appropriate for its surroundings.


“I will be doing all the sculpting but a local stone mason will be helping with shaping some of the larger cuts.


“We’re using French limestone because it’s harder, more durable and comes in larger blocks, but these features do make it quite difficult to carve.”


Alan, of Castle Grove, Hull completed his MA in Art and Design at Hull School of Art and Design in 1999 and has worked on a number of high-profile commissions whilst continuing his education by working on his MPhil.


“At one point I had so many commissions I had to take a break in the studying to complete everything, which is a good situation to be in, but it does prolong the course.”




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