6th August 2002




Three rare species of invertebrate have been discovered on the site of a new building at the University of Lincoln’s Brayford Pool campus.


The insects which include rare beetles Bruchela rufipes, Chrysolina hyperici and green weevils Polydrusus splendidus all new to Lincolnshire were found on the site of the £10 million Architecture, Media and Communications building due to open in September 2003.


All species are being relocated safely so that the building work can commence.


“The discovery of these species occurred in the planning stages of the construction and the area where they were found has been fenced off so that it is left untouched,” explained Kate Hiseman Energy and Environment Manager at the University of Lincoln.


“Before the building work could begin the university carried out extensive research into the habitats and the wildlife that exist on its campus. A full aquatic, mammal, bat, invertebrate and bird survey was undertaken to determine the ecological make up of the site.


“Water voles were discovered to be using the campus and have been excluded from the area temporarily whilst the building work gets underway. The right habitat and food are available or have been provided elsewhere on the campus for any creature that has had to be moved temporarily. We are creating new habitats and enhancing existing habitats to make sure we don’t lose the biodiversity integrity of the site.”


Ecological consultants Alan and Annette Binding wrote in their report: “These rarer species serve to indicate the importance of urban sites for invertebrates. The survey proves how rich and varied these places can be. In all, 51 species of beetle were recorded together with a number of other invertebrates.”




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