7th August 2002




A part-time lecturer from the University of Lincoln in Hull has had such success with a recent project that she has been asked to write a book about it.


Kay Jarvis is a lecturer at the Hull School of Health and Social Care and is also project officer for the Parents and Children Working Together an award-winning scheme which triggered the interest for the book.


The Learning to Learn project proved to be such a success that Crown House Publishing approached Kay and co-writer Garry Burnett – co-ordinator of learning development at Malet Lambert School in Hull – asking them to write a book on the subject.


The book – entitled ‘Learning To Learn, Parents First’ – aims to make parents aware of learning styles and offers advice, tips and practical strategies which will give them the confidence to teach their children to learn effectively.


“Learning is achieved in various ways,” said Kay. “The book will help parents reflect on how they learned at school and how to recognise which methods were successful, which weren’t and how these can be adapted to help teach their own children.


“Various learning styles and teaching methods will be suggested such as using visual aids, rhymes and activities, with particular emphasis on making learning fun.


“The book is due to be published in the spring and the publishers aim to have it on the shelves of bookstores in every high street.”


The Parents and Children Working Together scheme was initially set up to encourage Hull parents to return to education and to address barriers to education experienced by non-traditional learners. 


The success of the scheme has led to pilot schemes being undertaken in the East Riding and Beverley and the development of a follow-up course which will cover the content of the book.



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