23rd July 2002




The resident designer at the Castle Museum in York will graduate from the University of Lincoln in Hull next week after producing a “Spotless” project.


Sue Bricklebank has been working at the museum since 1989 having completed her HND in Museum and Exhibition Design in 1987. 


In 2001, she returned to Hull School of Architecture to top up her qualification to a degree.


“It was nice being back with the students again,” said Sue, “and two of the lecturers were the original ones I had on my HND course.”


For her final year project, Sue (38) of Hopgrove Lane South inYork had to produce an exhibition.  Fortunately this coincided with producing the “Spotless” exhibition for the Castle Museum so she combined the two projects.


The exhibition – which is currently on display at the museum - explores personal and domestic cleaning habits from 1800 to the present day.


“The aim of the exhibition is to shed light on the way previous generations kept themselves and their homes clean.” 


Included in the display are exhibits from mangles to washing machines, brooms to vacuum cleaners and the many aspects of bodily hygiene from tin baths to toothpaste.


“What people used to do comes as a surprise to many people now, for example people used to sit next to each other on the toilets and have a chat.”


York’s Castle Museum has over 400 years of history on display and is famous for some of the finest collections in the country including the social history collection, the costume collection and the military collection.


Sue gained a 2:1 and will be graduating at Hull City Hall next Tuesday 30th July at 11.30am.



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