16th July 2002




Two Mexican students visiting the University of Lincoln have enjoyed their stay so much they are now planning to enrol on a degree course in September.


Lilliana Cartes and Elvia Salazar from San Luis Potosi University in Mexico arrived at the Brayford Pool campus in June with their professor, Cecelia Gomez, and eight other colleagues from universities across Mexico. 


The group, who are currently studying international relations, international business and international communications, have been taking part in a summer school.


This is the third Mexican summer school organised by Martin Knight from the university’s Department of Tourism. 


“As well as learning about British and European business relations, the students have completed a hectic social programme visiting many cities including Cambridge, York, Dublin and Edinburgh,” said Martin.


“The summer school has been a great success once again and we are delighted that Lilliana and Elvia have decided to join us.


“They will only stay to experience the first semester but it will count as part of their course and they will be accredited for their work. This accreditation is very important because a degree in Mexico takes five years to complete.”


In January students from the University of Lincoln will visit Mexico and there are already plans for a larger and longer Mexican summer school next year which will include a period of study in Finland or Greece.


“This has been a wonderful experience for both myself and the students,” said Professor Gomez. “It is important to build the relationship between the universities and if possible we would like to extend the links to include the local community.”


The main group returned to Mexico at the weekend but Lilliana and Elvia will remain at the university throughout the summer to help improve their language skills.



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