25th July 2002




Visitors to one art exhibition in Hull will be asked to don their swimming gear before they can view the display.


‘Dislocating Depths’ is an exhibition of photographic images which have been taken underwater at Beverley Road Baths in Hull, a Victorian grade II listed building. 


The difference with this exhibition is that the photographs will be displayed under the water where they were taken.


Sarah Daniels (31), of Perth Street West in Hull, gained her MA in Art, Design and Critical Theory from the Hull School of Art and Design and now works as a freelance photographer.    


“The exhibition is the culmination of a two-year project,” said Sarah. “There are 16 photographs taken from under the surface of the swimming pool throughout the changing seasons and at different times of the night and day.


“The images will be smaller and lighter at the shallow end and grow larger and darker towards the deep end, reflecting people’s perceptions.


The photographs will be printed onto vinyl, mounted onto transparent plastic and suspended against the tiled walls of the pool with the aid of industrial based suckers.


“Rather than display the photos in the conventional setting of an art gallery I wanted the audience to experience the continually changing environment of the pool.


“The idea is to show the vivid blue colours and the changes in refraction and deflection of light as it shimmers through the water.”


The exhibition opens during the ‘adult only’ swimming session on Thursday 1st August between 8.00pm and 9.30pm and continues until Saturday 17th August.


If you would like to view the exhibition on dry land it will be on display at the EICH gallery at the Hull School of Art and Design on George Street towards the end of September.


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