16th May 2002




A visiting professor at the University of Lincoln in Hull has been conferred Professor Emeritus at the University of Transkei in Umtata, South Africa.


Professor Malcolm Brown, visiting professor in the Department of Social Work in the Hull School of Health and Social Care, has been awarded the title for his outstanding contribution to the development of the university.


During his time as Head of the Department of Social Work, Malcolm doubled the student intake numbers for social work, developed postgraduate programmes, increased the research profile of the department and doubled its staffing establishment. 


He was appointed as external examiner by University of the North, Venda, Rhodes and Cape Town, was invited to serve on the advisory committee on an eminent South African social work journal, and was used by government bodies to advise on applications for research funding.


The University of Transkei was established in 1976 as a homeland university in the primarily Xhosa region of the eastern Cape and in the first homeland to be declared as ‘independent’. 


This is the home area of Nelson Mandela and the present President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki, who is the Chancellor of the University of Transkei.


“This is a significant honour for Malcolm to be conferred Professor Emeritus by the University of Transkei,” said Dr Heather Ferguson-Brown, senior lecturer, Department of Social Work.  “It is a tribute to his academic and development skills in a highly under-developed part of South Africa.


“More important is the idea that a university located in a region so deeply disadvantaged by apartheid policies would bestow this honour on a white, ex-patriate Englishman, acknowledging his contribution to the development of the university, the staff under his management, the social work programme and the development of social work in the region.”



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