28th May 2002




The man who holds the purse strings of UK universities has congratulated the University of Lincoln on its progress.


Professor Sir Howard Newby, chief executive of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), today described the university’s development in Lincoln as “extraordinary” and its Brayford Pool campus as “terrific”.


On a visit to the university this afternoon (Tuesday) Sir Howard commented: “This campus is extraordinary - I can remember when this part of Lincoln really was extremely run down, and now it’s a living testament to how a university can completely regenerate a city economically and socially.


“I think the buildings are terrific; they give physical presence to the university and make a very important statement as you enter the city from the south.


“It’s very important that the university is in the heart of the city, unlike many of the new campuses that were developed in the 1960s on the fringes of their communities.”


Sir Howard congratulated the university’s Vice Chancellor, Prof David Chiddick, and his staff on taking through the far-reaching changes which have taken place in the university over the past 18 months.


“We are very aware that this institution has gone through some enormous changes – more than any other university in the country,” he said.


“I’m sure it’s been difficult but you can now see the benefits beginning to flow. Looking forward there will be an enormous amount of gain from the pain that people have suffered. It’s been well worth it and the university really is set fair for the future.”


Caption: Professor Sir Howard Newby is shown (centre) during his visit to the university’s International Institute for Education Leadership today. Also pictured are IIEL director Fergus O’Sullivan and business manager Carrie Osborne.


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