25th March 2002




A one-off lecture at the University of Lincoln next month will reveal the findings of an environmental expedition to the wilderness of Malawi which took place last summer.


University staff and students took part in the expedition in July last year which was led by Peter and Marianne Overton of Welbourn-based conservation organisation Biosearch Nyika.


Learning Support staff Paul Robertson and Nikki Vohra-Beulens and students David Cribb, Kate Burrows Mark Gilroy and Emma Powsey were joined by students from

De Montfort University, Imperial College London and Edinburgh University on the trip.


The purpose of the expedition was to document the unexplored flora and fauna of the  wilderness areas of the Nyika National Park in the north of Malawi, to aid the 70 game scouts to patrol the vast area and to collect scientific data.


Throughout the expedition Nikki took photographs of the flora and fauna of Nyika which formed an exhibition entitled ‘The Torched Plateau’ in the university’s EICH Gallery in Hull last month.


The Malawian parks department has a policy of controlled burning of grassland areas to prevent poachers from setting fire to pockets of land and trapping the animals. The fires also act as a deterrent to natural forest fires and as a result the landscape is a mixture of lush green grass and scorched earth.


Peter and Marianne Overton will be giving an update on the expedition and its findings in a lecture at the Brayford Pool campus on Monday 15th April at 7pm.


Members of the public are welcome to attend the talk, which will be free of charge (exact venue to be confirmed).


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