20th January 2002




Seventeen school principals from across the globe will be among the many postgraduate students receiving awards at the University of Lincoln’s graduation ceremony on Wednesday (22nd January).


Doctorates in Education will be awarded to the students who are headteachers at all levels of education, from nursery school to college.


The students, who have completed four years with the university’s International Institute for Education Leadership, have conducted research into various aspects of education.


Vicki Phillips, currently Superintendent of Schools in Lancaster, Pennsylvania conducted research into accountability in education and has been nominated to become Pennsylvania’s next Secretary of Education.


Dianne Barker, headteacher at Violet’s Lane Primary School in Burton-on-Trent, was appointed headteacher research fellow at the National College for School Leaders as a result of her work which focused on identifying potential headteachers amongst inexperienced teachers.


Barbara Diamant – a headteacher who retired early from the Sarah Bonnell School in London – researched early retirees from teaching with funding from the British Federation of University Women.


Kevan Bleach, deputy headteacher at Sneyd Community School Walsall, has written three books and several journal articles during his studies into underachieving boys and mentoring.


“Seventeen is a good number of doctorates from one programme in any university,” said Professor Angela Thody, programme leader and deputy director of IIEL. “We only started doctorates in education in 1996 so it shows how far the University of Lincoln has come since its inception.”


The graduation ceremony will take place at 11.30am at Lincoln Cathedral.


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