5th December 2001




University of Lincoln media students will make their screen debut on the popular BBC TV antiques show Bargain Hunt in January.


Ed Crowley (19) from Hertfordshire and fellow second-year Media Production students Darius Laws, Mat Read and Adam Stone have already started filming for the show that challenges teams to scour the country and make a profit at auction.


They started filming with presenter David Dickinson at the Newark Antiques Fair on Monday and next week they will go to auction in Leicester.


They auditioned for the show in Nottingham along with lots of other potential contestants and were chosen after they had to present themselves and why they would be a good group to have on the programme.


“We all really wanted to get on television as we all want careers in the industry,” commented Ed Crowley. “Filming with David Dickinson was really interesting. He was professional and great fun and it’s also been a good experience to be involved in BBC filming.”


“The show usually attracts older contestants but I think they like to have students involved as it’s a mid-morning weekday show popular amongst students.”


To find out more about the show see the website www.bbc.co.uk/antiques/bargainhunt


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