6th December 2001




Would-be rock journalist Steve Braund hopes his alternative metal web site will attract 10,000 visitors in its first year.


Steve (21), who studies Journalism at the University of Lincoln, set up the ‘AmplifyThis’ web site in February this year to promote British bands such as Pitchshifter, Skindred and Vacant Stare.


After ten months his site has already recorded 8,784 hits and is proving popular with the bands featured as well as with their fans.


“I created the site as part of the online journalism unit at the university and then decided to put it online myself,” said Steve, who comes from Telford.


“British alternative metal bands often get ignored in favour of their better funded counterparts in the United States such as Slipknot and Limp Bizkit, and UK magazines tend to lean towards featuring the next big thing in the US rather than focusing on a hot underground British band.


“That’s the main reason I set the site up – I wanted the site to be a resource for fans like me who have difficulty getting hold of accurate and up-to-date information.”


A friend taught Steve the basics of programming for the Worldwide Web and he picked up tips as he went along.


Now ‘AmplifyThis’ is four times bigger than when it was launched in February, featuring news, reviews, biographies, competitions, a discussion board and a chatroom.


“The site has really expanded, and it seems that the bands on the scene use it all the time,” said Steve. “They tell me they really like it, and some even contact me to ask if they can be included. It’s a real ego trip for me!”


Visit the site at http://www.amplifythis.co.uk/


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