12th November 2001




Estelle Morris’ pronouncements about the role of support staff in schools echo work recently carried out in the International Institute for Educational Leadership in the University of Lincoln.


Professor Trevor Kerry of the institute has recently published a book about support staff and their roles. His work both supports and contrasts with the government proposals.


He welcomes the increased number of support staff,  and also any  moves towards making teachers the learning managers in classrooms, controlling the work of teams of adults who oversee the learning of pupils.


By contrast, however, Prof Kerry points out the need to manage support staff and their roles more effectively and sets out some key issues to this end, such as:



He argues that there is a need to redefine support staff as any other member of staff, paid or unpaid, whatever their job title, who supports the learning of pupils.


As evidence of the need for these changes, Professor Kerry cites the fact that less than a month ago he invited support personnel in east midlands schools to join a local association. Membership has grown in that time to 150, and is set to rise even further.


Professor Kerry’s book is: Kerry, T (2001)  Working with support staff London: Pearson. He can be contacted on: 01522 688612 or 07421 374445 or by e-mail    TKConsultancy@eggconnect.net


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