6th November 2001






A student at the Hull School of Architecture is to receive a prestigious national prize at an award ceremony in London on Friday (9th November).


Leszek Marszalek (23) from Poland has beaten off the competition and won an Oasys* award for demonstrating how Computer Aided Design can be used to present design concepts with impact.


The award is sponsored by major industry players such as The New Civil Engineer and The Architects’ Journal and the event in London is also a Construction Careers Event providing an opportunity for students and businesses to network.


Leszek’s image of a new gallery in Hull’s old town won the prize in the category of ‘The Picture’ which was according to the judges ‘to be an outstanding single image which could be used to deliver an architectural or engineering message”.


“I’m delighted that one of our students has won an award at this level,” commented Dr David Hodges, lecturer in Computer Aided Design at the School of Architecture.


“In previous years we have been selected but this is the first year that we have won a prize. It demonstrates how advanced the school is in the use of computers in architectural design.”


Leszek is still surprised by the award. “I couldn’t believe that I had won a prize for my design. I’m looking forward to the ceremony and it will be great for my career to include on my CV that I have won a nationally recognised award.”


Two other students from the Hull School of Architecture were selected for their designs – Macjiej Michak Jankowiak was selected for the category of ‘The Picture’ and John Charles Blanchard was selected for the category of ‘The Architects’ Story’.


The award ceremony will take place on Friday 9th November at the Paragon Hotel in London.


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* Oasys is part of the Ove Arup Group which implemented the engineering for the Sydney Opera house.

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