17th September 2001




Architects, surveyors, engineers and designers will gather at a conference in Lincoln on Wednesday during Urban Design Week (17th to 23rd September).  


The one-day conference is to be held at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside’s Lincoln campus on Wednesday 19th September from 2:15pm until 5:45pm and is aimed at professional bodies as well as anyone with an interest in urban design.


During the week the university will also be hosting an exhibition of recent work from the Lincolnshire Society of Architects for members of the public on the first floor of the Alstom Atrium.


The focus of the conference will be on the Brayford: Lincoln’s new cultural and festival Quarter, one of the city’s most rapidly changing areas.


There will be two main sessions: ‘Building on Success: The New Masterplan for Lincoln’s University’ and ‘New Urban Quarters – Integrated Design and Management for the 21st Century’. There will also be a guided walkabout and an opportunity for informal discussion.


Key speakers will include Rick Mather, the architect responsible for the university masterplan, Phil Scrafton of Lincoln City Council and Steve Kemp of Lichfield Planning.


“We expect professional bodies to take an interest in the conference but we also want to encourage members of the public as good urban design affects all of our lives, making the difference between a successful, attractive and safe place to live and work – and a place to be avoided,” commented ULH architect Nigel Stevenson. 


To book a place please contact Richard Huteson at Lichfield Planning on 01522

546 483

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